Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ok. So here is the deal.

 I have been slack. 
Apparently, I can only be consistent for about 5 months. After that, I am pretty much unreliable. 

So I had made a resolution to take a picture everyday in 2010. I also made a resolution to not be so hard on myself. I have decided you can't have one resolution that gives you amnesty from following through with another resolution. 

This year I didn't make any!! 

I thought our lives were busy in the Fall with school, football and band. 
But then wrestling season happened.
No one told me that when you have two boys who wrestle that you can kiss every Saturday goodbye for at least three months.

I may not have a picture for everyday, but I have some fantastic memories. 
Here are just a few...

Daisy...It is great thing she is so cute...

Meagan's Softball Game

JV Football Game
Four Cousins!!!
three football players and one cheerleader

Labor Day Weekend
Our kids have the most fun at the lake. The adults kind of like it too!!!

JV Football Game - Monticello
Very hot and sunny day! 
Wyatt got his first carry. We missed a block. Wyatt got tackled.

Emily's Cheerleading Competition
So adorable!!