Monday, February 22, 2010

Week 7

 A great week with a little taste of Spring.

Another Beautiful Day!!
Daddy and Will have some fun shooting targets in the backyard.

Snow one weekend...Spring the next!
A beautiful spring like day. We took the boys and some neighborhood friends to the park today. Will got to scoot, Nala got to go to "Bark Park" and the rest of the boys played ball. They ended the day with a home run derby. Wyatt was thrilled to be ahead in the end. (He and Zac A. were neck and neck)

These roses have been beautiful all week. Flowers are so nice!!

My sweet Carter ready for school.

Things I always want to remember....
This hangs over my dining room table. Will gave it to me for Mother's Day last year.

Late birthday presents are the best. Will got this cool digital camera in the mail today from his Grandma.

Things that make me happy...
I love when the kitchen counter is clear. It seems to get cluttered so easily.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Week 6

Valentines Day Night!!
We had a nice dinner with our family and Wyatt's girlfriend.
As you can see, Will was not ready for Valentines Day to end!

Snow Day in GA!!
This was taken right before I fell while out taking pictures of the snow. Oh well, at least no one saw me fall and I got some pictures before the kids destroyed the snow.

Will and I play in the snow! He was determined to make a snow angel before bed.

Will playing hide and seek with me. This was the best shot (out of many).

King Julian gets a makeover.
Apparently, he needed gloves and a nose clip.

It is hard to beleive he is five. They grow up too fast.
(Although, I think I like the freedom from baby/toddler land)

[posted last week]

I just could not wait til next week to post this cute shot I got last night!!

Will poses! This is the only way I could slow him down in my quest to get him to go to bed.

Week 5

Will's Pre-Birthday Present

Laundry Day - We had sooo much laundry this weekend!!

Will took a picture of the cupcakes he made!! He gave Wyatt's girlfriend some on Saturday(too cute).

FEVER - 103.9

Wyatt gives grandmother a Facebook lesson.

Will and I write purple love notes for our family!!

Monday Night - Will tries to play wii with his brothers, but sometimes he just can't seem to keep up.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I have finally found a solution for managing our finances. As a CPA, I have had the opportunity to use many different financial software packages, but could never find a perfect fit for our personal finances. I created a template in excel that handles it all. I needed to be able to forecast our income and expenses on a weekly basis, as well as, track our historical transactions. This new solution allows me to reconcile my file with our online banking activity each day (it is a breeze and takes me only a few minutes each morning). The best part is I can forecast out for several months to get a good picture of where we are going. Oh yeah - I built a budget feature that allows me to average our weekly spending so that I can compare it to our monthly budget.
It feels great to be in control!!