Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week 4

01.31.10 - Sunday night dinner
Will is cracking himself up (imitating Aunt Carrie's snort!!)

fresh home baked cookies on a rainy Saturday afternoon :)

take out on Friday night after a long hard week :)

01.28.10 - {Carter took this POTD}
Wyatt and Nala

01.27.10 - {Will took this POTD}
Daddy plays Call of Duty in our new media room.

01.26.10 - Gwinnett Medical Center
Carter and I went to visit my grandmother

Thank you God for beautiful camellia's in the middle of winter. Amen.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Week 3

Sunday - 01.24.10
Will loves spaghetti!!!
This is such a triumph since he is soooo picky.

Saturday - 1.23.10
Boys will be boys

Friday - 1.22.10
The backyard from Will's perspective

Thursay - 1.21.10
busy homework night
Wyatt had to finish a paper for history and write a paper for NJHS.

Wednesday - 1.20.10
"What was I thinking?"
Fried Chicken and mashed potatoes on a school night + Mom home at 6:30 pm + Dad home at 7 pm = Dinner at 8 pm (and exhausted parents)

Tuesday - 1.19.10
wii fit plus
Carter plays wii before bed

Monday - 1.18.10
MLK Holiday
Will scoots while his brothers play some football.
Sunday - 1.17.10
Card Night

Had a great night playing cards and wii bowling with the Smiths. Colin got to spend the weekend with us too!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 2

01.16.10 - Wyatt's wrestling match. Will took this picture - He captured the best photo of the day!!

01.15.10 - This is where I found Will (and Nala) when it was time to wake up for school.

01.14.10 - Will in Daddy's truck on the way home from school.

01.13.10 - The boys having a talk with Kevin about getting up in the morning without Mom having to get them up.

01.12.10 - Zachary hanging out with Carter after school.

01.11.10 - Time to go back to work :(

01.10.10 - Will avoiding going to bed.

01.09.10 - Chore Day - Wyatt and Carter did chores all morning and played all afternoon!!

01.08.10 - Wyatt hanging out with Nala on the "snow-less day"

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Here is Week 1 safe and sound in the album!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year

During 2010, my goal is to create a visual story of our everyday life!!

I am taking a picture a day - it is called Project Life. My hope is to post the pictures here each week. Here we go...

Week 1

Day 1
01.01.10 - New Year's Eve at the Smith's

Day 2
01.02.10 - Wyatt and Carter sleeping in the morning after "Fight Night" (XBOX with the cousins)

Day 3

01.03.10 - My project for the day...organizing the TV cabinet.

Day 4
01.04.10 - "Wings & Leftovers" - no one wanted to pose for the "picture of the day" (potd)

Day 5
01.05.10 - Wyatt, Carter, Nala and I took a walk in the cold to get a picture of the "frozen fountain"

Day 6
01.06.10 - Will poses with me!

Day 7

01.07.10 - Enjoying a quiet morning organizing the album for our pictures.