Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ok. So here is the deal.

 I have been slack. 
Apparently, I can only be consistent for about 5 months. After that, I am pretty much unreliable. 

So I had made a resolution to take a picture everyday in 2010. I also made a resolution to not be so hard on myself. I have decided you can't have one resolution that gives you amnesty from following through with another resolution. 

This year I didn't make any!! 

I thought our lives were busy in the Fall with school, football and band. 
But then wrestling season happened.
No one told me that when you have two boys who wrestle that you can kiss every Saturday goodbye for at least three months.

I may not have a picture for everyday, but I have some fantastic memories. 
Here are just a few...

Daisy...It is great thing she is so cute...

Meagan's Softball Game

JV Football Game
Four Cousins!!!
three football players and one cheerleader

Labor Day Weekend
Our kids have the most fun at the lake. The adults kind of like it too!!!

JV Football Game - Monticello
Very hot and sunny day! 
Wyatt got his first carry. We missed a block. Wyatt got tackled.

Emily's Cheerleading Competition
So adorable!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Still Here...Still Happy

So...I took a few + months off! No biggie. I made an agreement with myself to be more forgiving this year. This is my attempt to catch up.

Wyatt's First High School Football Game

Car Wash

Saturday Night Dinner
(There were vegetables too!)

Girls Night Out...Eat, Pray, Love
The twins were more entertaining than the movie!!

Will is showing off his dance moves. Mommy enjoyed a few margaritas. Great Saturday.

First Day of...
High School
Middle School
Primary School

I think this is what a piece of a sandwich looks like when it has spent the summer in a bookbag.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Week 15

We went camping this weekend with our boys and some of our family.
Everyone had a lot of fun...

Carter and Zachary took a boat ride right before we had to leave.

A sampling of the pictures from Saturday camping. We woke up to a beautiful foggy lake view.

The kids got to explore, check out the river,
 (I didn't include the pictures of my sweet hubby jumping in to save our nephew Jack. Scary!!)
shoot some guns, do a lot of fishing and hang out at the fire until 3 am.
The adults actually got to enjoy fishing, watching the kids and RELAX!

Thanks to my dad for letting us camp on his land!

I just thought this picture of Ruby was funny.
We were all at Ingles waiting to leave for camping.
We took six cars for 15 people...Wow! 
We arrived at 9:30pm and set up camp in the dark...Fun!

It takes a lot of stuff to tent camp for two nights.

Will fixing his own chocolate milk.

More pictures of the boys playing in the yard after school.

My driveway as a canvas.
This was how I found my boys when I got home from work. Carter, Wyatt and Harrison are in the background. Will helped too!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Week 14

Will loves his toys and this was a battle between Batman and Gronckle (a dragon from the movie we saw on Saturday)

We took Will to see "How to Train your Dragon"
It was a great movie. We had a great day relaxing too!

Daddy playing with Will on a beautiful Friday night.
Wyatt and Carter were gone to their Dad's house this weekend.

After a nice run, I loved sitting on the porch and reading to Will.
Wyatt snapped this shot.

Our 4th of July rose is starting to bloom.

Lesson 2
This week I had to practice my aperture.
The top picture has a lower aperture to blur the background and the bottom picture has a higher aperture that keeps the background more focused.
This is my grandmother's marble bench that I now have outside my door with my boys favorite rock. (I think it came from grandma)
FYI - I am taking the Oh Shoot class at jessicasprague.com

Wyatt and Will goofing off on the front porch. Carter was sick most of the week with strep throat. So we will have to get photos of my Carter next week.
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Monday, April 5, 2010

Weeks 12 & 13

What a beautiful Easter Sunday. My hubby had stay-cation last week. It is definately spring in GA!!

Our Family on Easter Sunday.
We had a beautiful Easter at the Branan's.

The fruits of our labor.
Carrie and I baked all day on Good Friday.

Carter and Harrison decorate Easter cookies

We found Will putting pajamas on Mr. Alligator before bed.
How adorable? Precious!

Will gets to shoot at Pa's farm while spending the day with daddy.

Will in the backyard after school.

Wyatt :)

Our Sunday evening in the backyard playing ball.

Lesson 1 for my online photography class.
I learned how to adjust my shutter speed. The top picture has a slower shutter speed to show motion and the bottom picture has a faster shutter speed to freeze the motion.

Practice for my photography class.
I love this statue that is in front of our courthouse and right down the street from our home.

Playing with my camera.
Trying to blur out the background.
The only houseplant I haven't killed lately.

Practicing adjusting my shutter speed.
Carter was sweet enough to be my subject.

Carter loves to read and he even sneaks some reading in while waiting to leave for school.

My camellias.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Week 11

Note: Some members of my family (that shall remain unnamed) have mentioned that I post more pictures of our 5 year old than I do of our older two boys.

Disclaimer: I can only post pictures of willing subjects. When I pull out the camera, they pretty much scatter.

Didn't get to post to "Project Life Tuesday" on Tuesday due to technical difficulties.
So how about "Project Life Wednesday"?

Wow...This is Daddy and Will giving each other a good night hug.
I think the expression speaks for itself.

I cleaned the house.
The "hands and knees" scrubbing floors kinda cleaning. I even mopped under my bed. I can't remember the last time I did that (and I don't mean months)!
This is Will hanging out in our clean den! Don't worry- I was cleaning up lime sherbert off the floor in a matter of hours.

UGA v. Auburn Baseball Game
My three boys, niece, nephews and neighbors.
We had a great night and ended up at the Varsity at 10pm. FUN!!!

Will dressing himself before school.
You know -  the "I can do it by myself" thing. Well, he finally let me help when he realized the sleeve was inside out.

St. Patrick's Day
Guiness cupcakes
 These were yummy. Thanks Food Network.

Will loves to bake with me.
I have taught him how to crack the eggs and he is really good-no shells!

I was able to catch a shot of Carter as he was waking up on Monday.
The older boys wake up so happy....haha

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Week 10

still really busy with work....need to get back in the groove....feel like the house needs some attention

Guess who's toes? I know this is probably really easy.
I will give you one hint...they are not my toes...my toes look like Fred Flinstone's toes :)

This hangs over our TV.
I love how it reminds us to be grateful.
I thought it was appropriate today because my older two boys have been gone all week to their dad's house. We are really missing them.

We had a great night with Matt and Carrie on Friday night.
Will loved playing with all of Zachary's toys.
At one point, he had locked Zach's door. It was not closed all the way so I pushed it open.
Will was playing with the toys that Aunt Carrie had said not to touch.
Sneaky little devil!!

sleep finally took over:)

Will and I go grocery shopping.
Will loves fruit snacks...

...and he loves to ride on the cart.
Thank goodness he sits underneath.
Once, the other two boys flipped over the cart while Carter was sitting in the top part.

This is actually Will jumping.
I caught him in mid air, but you can't tell because the sofa arm is in the way.
My little frog.

My friend Lulu always left me cute little notes on my desk.
She doesn't work with me anymore.
I am moving offices soon so I want to remember my Lulu shrine.