Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 2

01.16.10 - Wyatt's wrestling match. Will took this picture - He captured the best photo of the day!!

01.15.10 - This is where I found Will (and Nala) when it was time to wake up for school.

01.14.10 - Will in Daddy's truck on the way home from school.

01.13.10 - The boys having a talk with Kevin about getting up in the morning without Mom having to get them up.

01.12.10 - Zachary hanging out with Carter after school.

01.11.10 - Time to go back to work :(

01.10.10 - Will avoiding going to bed.

01.09.10 - Chore Day - Wyatt and Carter did chores all morning and played all afternoon!!

01.08.10 - Wyatt hanging out with Nala on the "snow-less day"


  1. Hello, found your blog thru Jessica's Project Tuesday. I love the colors here perfect for a family of boys. Love the trampoline shot. It's hard to get good action sport pictures and the wrestling one is pretty good. I enjoyed your pictures. Thanks for sharing.