Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Week 14

Will loves his toys and this was a battle between Batman and Gronckle (a dragon from the movie we saw on Saturday)

We took Will to see "How to Train your Dragon"
It was a great movie. We had a great day relaxing too!

Daddy playing with Will on a beautiful Friday night.
Wyatt and Carter were gone to their Dad's house this weekend.

After a nice run, I loved sitting on the porch and reading to Will.
Wyatt snapped this shot.

Our 4th of July rose is starting to bloom.

Lesson 2
This week I had to practice my aperture.
The top picture has a lower aperture to blur the background and the bottom picture has a higher aperture that keeps the background more focused.
This is my grandmother's marble bench that I now have outside my door with my boys favorite rock. (I think it came from grandma)
FYI - I am taking the Oh Shoot class at

Wyatt and Will goofing off on the front porch. Carter was sick most of the week with strep throat. So we will have to get photos of my Carter next week.
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  1. Great pictures this week. My kids saw the dragon movie on Saturday too. They loved it and so did my husband. I never knew there was a 4th of July flower, it's so pretty. That's great what your learning in your photo class. I like the difference in the rock picture, I want to learn how to make the background blur in my photos. Hope carter feels better soon. Have a good week.

  2. Great pictures! How fun to be taking a photography class. I love the blurred background look.

  3. Such great photos. Who you taking the class from, is it local or on line?

  4. FANTASTIC! met you on clickinmom's. 365 over at my blog!

  5. I hope all is well with you and your family. I haven't seen your blog lately and thought I'd just check in and say hello. I miss seeing your potd on Tuesday's. Hope to hear from you.