Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Week 11

Note: Some members of my family (that shall remain unnamed) have mentioned that I post more pictures of our 5 year old than I do of our older two boys.

Disclaimer: I can only post pictures of willing subjects. When I pull out the camera, they pretty much scatter.

Didn't get to post to "Project Life Tuesday" on Tuesday due to technical difficulties.
So how about "Project Life Wednesday"?

Wow...This is Daddy and Will giving each other a good night hug.
I think the expression speaks for itself.

I cleaned the house.
The "hands and knees" scrubbing floors kinda cleaning. I even mopped under my bed. I can't remember the last time I did that (and I don't mean months)!
This is Will hanging out in our clean den! Don't worry- I was cleaning up lime sherbert off the floor in a matter of hours.

UGA v. Auburn Baseball Game
My three boys, niece, nephews and neighbors.
We had a great night and ended up at the Varsity at 10pm. FUN!!!

Will dressing himself before school.
You know -  the "I can do it by myself" thing. Well, he finally let me help when he realized the sleeve was inside out.

St. Patrick's Day
Guiness cupcakes
 These were yummy. Thanks Food Network.

Will loves to bake with me.
I have taught him how to crack the eggs and he is really good-no shells!

I was able to catch a shot of Carter as he was waking up on Monday.
The older boys wake up so happy....haha

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  1. Great pictures this week. The cupcakes look yummy!! I always try to have an even amount of each kids photos or they get mad too. Like the last one of the dog sleeping with Carter. Have a good week.